Jonghoon Jin (jhjin0 at gmail)

Deep learning for computer vision at Lighthouse AI

Deep networks robust to noise

Despite of the success of deep networks, they could be easily fooled by few pixels of noise so as to output incorrect answers. Our feedforward model utilizes uncertainty information and achieves high robustness against strong noise on a large-scale dataset.

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Lightweight deep networks

Since deep networks contain massive and redundant parameters, finding a compact representation is a key to save runtime and memory. Our model based on filter separation can substitute for 3D filters without accuracy loss and provides 2x speed-up with 90% parameter reduction.

ICLR15 Poster Lua/Torch7

Deep learning in your pocket

Deep networks are state-of-the-art models for visual understanding but require off-site server for processing due to heavy computational cost. Our accelerator on a mobile coprocessor is capable of a peak performance of 240 G-ops/s while consuming less than 4 W.

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